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  • Biography

    Native Rhode Islander, Kimberly Harrison, began playing piano at age four with her father, and at age 9, made her solo debut and first radio broadcast in her birth state, Rhode Island, U.S.A.. While mainly focusing on Classical Music, she also studied Jazz, Pop, Improvisation and Theory with Jazz pianist Al Conte. Kimberly studied Music Education at Rhode Island College continuing her piano studies with Dr. Judith Stillman. She received her BM in Piano Performance from New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. U.S.A., studying with Stephen Drury, concentrating on music of the 20th Century. She concertized throughout the U.S.A. and Europe as soloist, chamber musician and with diverse orchestras and was manager and tour organizer of the Youth Chorale of New England Conservatory. Kimberly performed in several music festivals including Darmstadt International Music Festival for 20th Century Music, where she met Professor Wambach with whom she studied on a Fulbright Scholarship at the Folkwang Hochschule in Germany. There she became aquainted with the Alexander Technique which she would continue studying at a later point in her development.

    Kimberly moved to The Netherlands, began her family life and continued her performance career as a Piano Duo with Pianist, Sebastiaan Oosthout, to be heard on their album “Mine and Ours”. Highlight performances include the Hermitage Theatre in St. Petersburg Russia, and two concert tours with the Dutch Modern Ballet Company Introdans, performing The Green Table, by German choreographer Kurt Jooss. The well known duo concertized on two unique Erard grand pianos from the historical instrument collection of Frits Janmaat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and were invited to perform Mozart’s Double Piano Concerto with orchestra on an extraordinary Double Pleyel grand piano. After the birth of her third child, she completed her studies in the Alexander Technique in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. .

    Kimberly resides in The Netherlands, performing, teaching piano and Alexander Technique lessons, and giving developmental coachings in her well known and blossoming music practice, Dawn… Start with today. She is branching out and exploring new avenues and interesting instrumental combinations including duduk, accordeon, violin and djembe with Dutch Soprano, Catharina Jansen, with whom she can be heard on their newly released album, “Eigenzinnig”.

  • Education and Professional Experience


    • Brown University, U.S.A. Performance and Chamber music.

    • Rhode Island College, U.S.A. Music Education.

    • Oberlin Conservatory of Music, U.S.A. Theory and Performance.

    • New England Conservatory, U.S.A. Piano Performance.

    • Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Germany. Piano Performance.

    • Alexander Technique Opleiding Nederland, The Netherlands, Alexander Technique



    • Bachelor of Music, New England Conservatory

    • Kunstlerisches abshluss Prufung, Folkwang Hochschule

    • Alexander Technique, A.T.O.N.

    • J.William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship, U.S.A.


    Diverse cities throughout U.S.A., The Netherlands, Germany and Russia as: soloist, chamber musician, orchestral pianist and piano duo player.

    Radio and television broadcasts:

    Rhode Island, U.S.A

    Concert tours:

    • Piano duo with pianist Sebastiaan Oosthout and modern ballet company Introdans, The Netherlands

    • Manager, accompanist and tour organizer of the Youth Chorale.

    Music Festivals:

    • Holland Music Sessions, TheNetherlands

    • Darmstadt International Music Festival for new music, Germany

    • Waalconcerten, The Netherlands

    • Oberlin Summer Music Festival, U.S.A.


    • Diverse 2-piano and 4-hand repertoire with pianist, Sebastiaan Oosthout

    • Diverse accompaniment of choirs and soloists.

    • Mine and Ours, 4 hand Piano repertoire with Sebastiaan Oosthout.

    • Eigenzinnig, Soprano, piano, diverse voice and instrumental ensembles, with Soprano Catharina Jansen.


    • Diverse piano competitions, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

    • Diverse scholarships to study in the U.S.A.

    • Fulbright Fellowship for graduate studies in Germany.


    • Rhode Island, U.S.A. - Private practice.

    • Boston, U.S.A. - Teaching practicum New England Conservatory.

    • Eppendorf, Germany - Music school

    • Nijmegen, The Netherlands - Private Practice.

    • Nijmegen, The Netherlands - Dawn...Start with Today practice for Music, Alexander Technique and development.

  • Recordings

    Fragments of "Mine and Ours" CD Recording

    Smiley face

    03 Ma Mère L' Oye_ Laideronnette, Impératrice Des Pagodes play

    07 Petite Suite_ Cortège play

    14 La Belle Exentrique_ Cancan Grand-Mondain play

    16 O Lamm Gottes, Unschuldig play

    18 From Souvernirs Op. 28; Hesitation Tango play

    19 Rhapsody In Blue play

    Fragments of "Eigenzinnig" CD recording

    Smiley face

    04 À Chloris Reynaldo Hahn play

    06 La Vergine degli Angeli, La Forza del Destino Giuseppe Verdi play

    09 Ständchen, Zögernd Leise, D. 921 Franz Schubert play

    13 Raste Krieger, Op. 52, no.1 Franz Schubert play

    14 Somewhere, West Side Story Leonard Bernstein play

    16 Hine e hine, Maori slaapliedje Fanny Rose Howie play


    If these recordings have sparked your curiosity to hear more, please send an e-mail to to purchase the CD.

    Fragments of live recordings van Kimberly and Sebastiaan


    Hongaarse Dans #1 play

    Piano Four Hands

    Erard grand piano

    Nijmegen, De Vereeniging

    Don Juan Fantasie play

    Two Erard grand pianos

    Nijmegen, De Vereeniging


    deel uit Ein Deutches Requiem play

    2 pianos, choir and soloist,

    Nijmegen, Groenestraat Kerk


    Symfonia op. 33 play

    piano four hands

    Hermitage Theater, Russia,


    Petite Messe Solennelle (Kyrie) play

    piano, 2 pianos, choir and harmonium

    Antonius van Padua Kerk, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  • Lessons

    I have a very broad experience of teaching students of all ages with diverse backgrounds and interests. Some students consider learning to play an instrument as part of their educational development, or to cultivate a hobby. Others wish to pursue a career as a teacher or professional musician. Students are surprisingly diverse in their choice of musical styles, be it classical, pop, jazz, composition, theory improvization, or a combination of the above. I enjoy and welcome all students who have a love for music and wish to develop themselves further through taking lessons. In addition to teaching students individually, I also give coachings in duo playing, chamber music, band playing and preparation for conservatoria.
    I find it extremely important to first clarify what a student is wishing to pursue with his musical interests. Therefore, I invite every new student for an interview free of charge. I will have made an assesment of the student, and propose a lesson plan with which we will start working.
    Experience has taught me that the learning environment plays the most essential role in determining how a student will develop. Developing trust and curiosity, stimulating the thought process, and creating enthusiasm form the basis for a healthy learning environment.
    As an extra incentive to give students the opportunity to practice their performance skills, I organize an annual Perfomance evening in which all of the students play for each other. Family and friends are welcome to come and listen to the performance.

  • Testimonials

    "In July of 2017 I received my degree in Solo voice and teaching from the Schumann Academy. As part of my examination, I was required to prepare a short piano recital with piano being my secondary instrument. Kimberly’s expertise and didactically well grounded lessons helped me greatly in my preparation."
    Mezzo Soprano and voice teacher
    "Kimberly has taught me to play the piano in a very relaxed manner. Even when I think I haven’t practiced enough to make a lesson useful, she always finds a way to help me a step further and gives me useful instructions on how to practice at home."
    Teacher Educator in Math
    "I will never forget my first lesson with Kimberly ten years ago. She heard my enthousiasm about Beethoven, and suggested that I start learning the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata. Ten years later, Kimberly continues to inspire and reassure me, and above all, her teaching is very professional. Her strength lies in her ability to recognise each student’s individual qualities, personal interests and positive developments. Kimberly is a teacher I can highly recommend. Her lessons are, pleasant, positive and always lead to beautiful results."
    Sr. Advisor HRM at Rijnbrink
    "Our 9 year old son Sasha has been taking piano lessons with Kimberly since the beginning of 2017. We are very pleased with the personal attention and guidance he receives from her. The special interaction between Sasha and Kimberly has allowed him to develop a true joy for playing the piano and contributed to the tremendous progress he’s made over the past year."
    Physicist Radboud University
    "In my piano lessons with Kimberly, I’m learning how to translate my musical feelings into musical piano playing. Kimberly helps me to play a piece exactly how I have it in my thoughts."
    Karel de Grote College
    "I can definately say that taking lessons with Kimberly has contributed to my positive musical and technical development. Though she is more focused on how a piece should be played according to the score, and I more on how a piece should be played based on my feelings, we’re always able to find each other again through interpreting the pure music."
    Visual artist
    "Piano lessons with Kimberly are much more than just your average piano lesson. So many aspects come into play that I’m so greatful for: empathy, passion, and understanding and flexibility for a student’s individual needs. She is confrontational and inspiring. --Thank you so much for your warmth, generosity and openheartedness in all my lessons Kimberly!"
    Music therapist and Pre-school music teacher
  • Contact

    Kimberly Dawn Harrison

    Dawn… Start with today

    Place/address: To be Announced

    06 2013 0290

    For information about the prices of lessons, please contact me by telephone or email.
    In addition I give lessons at the location of your choice within the the vicinities of Nijmegen and Breda